Landscape Design for Waterfalls & Rock Gardens on Long Island, NY

Established in 1955, Emil Kreye & Son Inc. is a fourth generation landscape design contractor located on Long Island, New York. As a design/build firm, we provide full service landscaping for natural water gardens, waterfalls, rock gardens, streams, swimming pools, patios, and koi ponds. A Long Island institution for over 60 years, Emil Kreye & Son brings creative design and landscape artistry to your backyard. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Retaining Rock Walls & Waterfalls that Look Natural

Landscapes are meant to blend into the surrounding topography. Such enhancements as waterfalls, rock outcroppings and retaining walls can be created to seem like they’ve been there forever and thereby improve the value of your property. Our rock ledges look so natural that they show no evidence of ever having been moved by human hands. Waterfalls that cascade into a fish pond or swimming pool create a natural focal point on your property.

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Custom Landscape and Pool Design

Flowing water features are valuable enhancements to add around existing swimming pools. The beauty of an artfully crafted rock garden and a cascading waterfall can soften the edges of a pool to make it part of the landscape. The sight and sounds of water flowing into a swimming pool is a unique feature that will enrich your family’s poolside experience. Naturalistic water slides can even be included in the design and are fun for the whole family! There are endless possibilities of how water can be used to create the landscape of your dreams.

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Patio Design for the Way you Live

Emil Kreye & Son designs and installs custom stonework to build the ideal backyard patio around your swimming pool. Our landscape and patio designs are unique in both shape and style and will compliment your yard, landscape and home. Your patio can be designed with rock, stones, bricks, and even custom paving and pathways. The patio will blend with the surroundings and add value to your home. Custom decking, gazebos, trellises and pergolas can be added to enhance the livability of your poolside setting.

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Generations of Rock Garden Expertise

Our unique style of rock-scaping has taken generations to perfect. We produce natural looking rock gardens as they occur in the outdoors. Rock ledges are made to seem like they’ve been there long before the house was built. Our rock installations include natural rock retaining walls, rock patios, rock steps and stairways, rock planting walls, rock gardens, rock ledges, and rock outcroppings. Emil Kreye & Son provides unique and comprehensive solutions to complex site challenges. Visit our Project Transformations to see before and after pictures.

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We Build Water gardens and Koi Ponds all over NYC and Long Island

Emil Kreye & Son, master landscape designers and builders of every kind of swimming pool and pond throughout Long Island, can help you realize your dream of a water feature in your landscape. Ponds and streams are great attracters of wildlife including birds and butterflies. Emil Kreye & Son is a landscape company that works with natural rock materials to design and construct living koi ponds and natural rock gardens in the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey area. Let us create a backyard paradise for you and your family.

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Koi Pond, custom koi ponds designed to fit your home by Emil Kreye & Son, Inc.

Custom Stonework Around Pools and Ponds

Natural stone walls can dramatically improve your home’s landscape design. Located on Long Island, NY, Emil Kreye & Son has completed landscape installations in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Connecticut, upstate New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Florida, and the Caribbean. Visit our Portfolio to view some of our landscape designs and begin to imagine the possibilities of what Emil Kreye & Son can do to transform your property into a living work of art!

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Note: Luke + Conor, Thank You again for helping solve our flooding problem. Not only that – the parterre is lovelyLinda Tejpaul
Hi, I stumbled upon your web site via a kamp kenan YouTube video, where they visited your garden. Needless to say, I was stunned. I’ve been an admirer of naturalistic garden design for many years. I’ve visited Japan many times, and had considered those temple gardens to be the ultimate in recreating an environment that pays homage to nature. I was aware of Marpa, whose book is a joy, but now I’ve discovered your work, and its a whole new world of beautiful garden design. Its what I can only dream of. There’s very little in the way of this kind of thing in the UK, where European garden design is the norm, dominated by rigid symmetry, the unnatural forcing of nature into awkward, geometric shapes where being crisp and tidy is the overriding impetus. You demonstrate how naturalism, is far preferable. Everyone is subconsciously evolved to find natural landscape attractive. Its unfortunate that most people don’t realize the importance of respecting nature. You have proven that recreating nature is by far the most attractive form of garden design. Striped lawns and crisp edging isn’t to my taste. The wisdom that your design ethic promotes, appreciating and respecting the natural world, is commendable. It needs to be adopted more widely.Daren
AMAZING!! AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!!I cannot thank Luke & his son, Spencer enough for taking my vision and making it even better than I ever imagined!!! They listened to me (a very rare quality in landscapers!) and guided me to create a masterpiece in the form of a truly unique and magnificent entryway, driveway & front landscape design that is “Architectural Digest” worthy!! l actually walk outside numerous times a day; just to admire it and feel the great joy and awe at our beautiful creation!! TRULY CURB APPEAL TO THE MAX!!!THANK YOU SOOO MUCH ; i finally have a spectacular landscape design that i truly love!!!!Houzz User
Masters of gardens and landscape design. I treasure the gardens that they have created for me in central Florida.M. Daniels
Emil Kreye & Son has the incredible ability to craft awe inspiring Landscapes in the most unlikely of places. They are masters at creating beautiful lush gardens and massive rock waterfalls. All this while keeping the integrity of Nature intact, with no evidence of a man-made feature.A. Alexandre

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