These landscape before and after pictures provide a glimpse into how this Suffolk County property was transformed by Emil Kreye & Son, Inc.. On this beautiful property at Head of the Harbor, Long Island, we designed and constructed a stream and pond to fit with the surrounding topography. Because the rock and water gardens blend with their surroundings, they give the appearance of having formed naturally. We design and build landscaping projects like this on any surface and any landscape.

The stream meanders past astilbe and carex grass planted in the rock to give the effect that the rock has been there forever. There are many small cascades as the stream flows into the pond. Moving water keeps the ecosystem of the pond healthy.

A stone bench is positioned at the side of the upper stream for quiet moments listening to the sound of the water. Large stepping stones were designed and installed to rest just at the level of the water; they are supported by stone layered underneath to raise the stepping stones to the correct height.

Moss rock retains the hillside at the edge of the newly built pond. Rock selection is an important part of the landscape design process. The rocks that are chosen must appear natural to the surrounding environment. Our goal is always that the stream, pond, and waterfalls seem as if they had always been there.