Emil Kreye & Son, Inc

Water Feature and Rock Specialists

Emil Kreye & Son Inc. is a fourth generation landscape contractor located on Long Island, New York. Started in 1955, the design/build firm specializes in the installation of natural water features, waterfalls, streams, ponds, rock gardens, swimming pools, walkways, patios, and natural steps. From the beginning of the design to the detailed construction of a plan and ongoing expert maintenance, Emil Kreye & Son will transform your property into a garden oasis.

The Kreyes have been achieving excellence with rock, water and plants in the landscape environment for the past 60 years, building a solid reputation for meticulous attention to detail and naturalistic work. Emil, the first generation to tackle the medium, perfected his craft in Germany. His son, Siegfried, graduated from Farmingdale College and took the business to a new level as rock and water feature specialists. Luke, the current president of the company and third generation, began working with his father and grandfather at an early age, benefiting from the hands-on experience to which he has added his own horticultural studies and innovative vision. Conor and Spencer, the fourth generation to join the firm, lend their hard work and dedication to continuing the family tradition.

Landscapes installed by Emil Kreye & Son blend into the surrounding topography. Emil Kreye & Son is best known for collecting genuine rock ledges from company-owned property in the mountains, and creating a custom reassembly at each individual job site. The waterfalls, water gardens, ponds, and streams appear to have been there forever. Waterfalls that cascade into a fish pond or swimming pool create a strong natural focal point and appear to have been flowing through the landscape for millions of years. The rock ledges and rock gardens show no evidence of ever having been moved by human hands.

We specialize in making rock garden landscapes that look natural and inviting. Our water features, including waterfalls, swimming pools, and koi ponds are each their own unique expression of Nature. Each finished work of art becomes a living ecological system that you can enjoy throughout any season and for many years to come.

Located on Long Island, NY, Emil Kreye & Son has completed landscape installations in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Connecticut, upstate New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Florida, and the Caribbean. Please visit our Portfolio to view some of our landscape designs and begin to imagine what Emil Kreye & Son can do to transform your property!

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