Retaining Walls on Long Island

Retaining wall with waterfall on Long Island by Emil Kreye & Son, Inc.

Rock Retaining Walls & Waterfalls that Look Natural

Well thought out landscape design usually starts with the design and engineering of retaining components, before we begin construction of your water landscape. A gentle slope is a great opportunity for building a natural setting. Retaining walls on Long Island and the tri-state area offer natural looking solutions to slopes and grades by incorporating rock walls, ledges and waterfalls around swimming pools and koi ponds. Click here to see the transformation of a property by adding a retaining wall. 

First, we establish what is necessary for the proposed site. Then instead of designing a conventional retaining wall, rock ledges are harvested elsewhere and re-installed into the new landscaping to produce a natural looking rock garden. A skillfully constructed retaining wall is essential to the design of a waterfall that looks natural. This method of building rock retaining walls enhances the natural look of your waterfall and creates many additional living spaces for plants. Our natural rock ledges are custom made to appear as if they’ve been there long before the house.

Rock Garden, retaining walls Long Island, click to see the transformation portfolioRetaining Walls Define the Space

On many projects, retaining the earth is primarily used to prevent erosion. For waterfall construction, deciding where to retain an elevation can make a big difference in the natural look of waterfalls and streams. How one decides to retain an area with a grade change is an essential feature of waterfall design. Emil Kreye & Son specializes in retaining walls that look natural, as though they have always been part of the property. This style of rock wall does not chop up the property, but instead makes it part of the landscape.

At Emil Kreye & Son, we design retaining walls that shape and define spaces, and introduce water-features and plantings to add interest and intimacy to those spaces. With curves and naturally integrated architectural features, rock retaining walls can create several outdoor living spaces in and around your swimming pool or fish pond.

Rock Walls are Practical & Beautiful Elements that Add Value

Retaining wall and rock garden North Shore Long Island, click to see the transformation portfolioRock retaining walls can help solve a variety of landscaping problems and can also offer unique planting opportunities. In the world of conventional rock wall design, there are two kinds of retaining walls, functional and decorative. Functional retaining walls are used to hold back soil or to level out a slope or grade to expand the useable space. Decorative rock walls are freestanding walls that increase the overall appeal of your backyard, mark property lines, outline patio areas and even serve as extra seating around your pond or pool. The landscapers at Emil Kreye & Son custom design and construct rock walls that are both functional and decorative. Our stone walls not only retain the soil for trees and plants, they also serve a decorative purpose in softening the landscape around any structure or pool. Artfully crafted rock retaining walls add function, beauty, and value to your property.