The Kreye Method
  • Conception

    We will meet with you to get an idea of what you're looking for and to let you know what we can provide. Together we will create a vision for your space.

  • Design

    Custom plans will be created for your space, you may approve them or request edits or changes, all without being locked into a contract until you approve the design.

  • Build

    Our team will carry out a detailed execution of your plan, and create your garden as if it had grown there naturally.

  • Maintenence

    We will provide expert maintenance keeping your garden happy and healthy.

Our philosophy is to design a garden that entices and draws visitors through it, always offering a glimpse of what’s around the next corner. The sound of running water from a stream or waterfall adds greatly to the enjoyment of the garden. As the light changes throughout the day and the seasons, so does the experience. A garden is a multi-sensory experience with vision, sound and smell all contributing to the encounter.

We explore the conventional, the unconventional and the unique in search of our clients’ perfect solution. Clients often try to quantify what we do, “it’s not construction, and it’s not traditional landscaping. You build gardens that look like they have always been there… it’s magic.” We love the challenge and sense of accomplishment from being able to transform an under-used yard or property into a natural oasis of beauty and serenity.

A hallmark of our designs is the use of a portion of the natural world to create a completely realistic effect. We accomplish this by transferring both large rock outcroppings and smaller formations to your site and reassembling them as they were originally found in nature. Our goal is to make it seem as if the rock has been there forever, never touched by human hands.

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