Custom Stonework around Pools and Koi Ponds

Custom stone walls NY by Emil Kreye & Son, Inc.Custom Stonework and stone walls in NY area

Emil Kreye & Son’s landscaping replicates nature so that the stonework we build around your pool blends with features of the surrounding area. From rock gardens to stone retaining walls, every custom rock installation requires natural materials specifically chosen for your location, with special attention paid to natural tones, textures and details. Our stone walls are constructed without the use of mortar or other adhesives to hold the wall in place. Instead, the wall is held together by friction and the weight of the stacked stones alone. Natural stone is a popular alternative to the traditional modular cement block for retaining wall construction. Dry-stacked, natural stone retaining walls add a very natural look to any landscape as the material is taken right from the ground.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls Become a Living Part of Your Garden.

A newly built rock retaining wall can be a place to root plants into pockets and crevices to bring to life the rock wall structure. Cascading plants and vines are very attractive in stone retaining walls. After we’ve built your stone retaining wall, you’ll want us to plant something in the soil being retained, to further anchor it. An excellent low-maintenance choice for sunny areas is a juniper shrub, or any other low-growing evergreen. Retaining wall areas are great places in which to show off your plantings and gardening skills. Plants that might otherwise go unnoticed at ankle level are elevated to where they can be viewed, touched and smelled. Have your wall come alive by growing spillers like campanula, carpet roses or stonecrop.

Planter Walls can Provide Seating and More

Planter walls can also be seating areas when constructed near the edge of swimming pools. The wall around the sides of the pool functions as an active swim and sun bathing area for guests of the pool, while the patio area between the swimming pool and the pool house or cabana is maximized. Stone planters and rock ledges add points of interest and intimacy to your patio.