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A lawn is transformed into a garden retreat complete with pond, waterfall, and bridge in St. James, Long Island. The best landscape designs use color, light, and water to create a landscape that is soothing to the senses. Perennials, bulbs, and evergreens are all used to provide interest and color throughout the seasons. This backyard pond changes with the seasons as different plants come into bloom.

Yellow and blue irises rim the border of this pond, designed and built by Emil Kreye & Son. Reeds, hosta, and foxglove enhance the natural feel of the lily pond. Bluestone stepping stones lead to the water’s edge in this backyard garden. A stone bridge crosses the lily pond and connects to stepping stones on the other side. A red Japanese maple is planted on the shore of this naturalistic pond. The pond and rock garden turn this backyard landscape into a tranquil retreat.