Gardens Old Westbury - Before and After Transformation

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This backyard was turned into a recreational wonderland that includes a waterslide, pool, stone hot tub, waterfalls, and patio with beach access. The design of this pool and gardens in Old Westbury involved raising the landscape so that a 150′ waterslide can wind its way underground for 75’, through rock and waterfalls, to plunge into a swimming pool.

The waterslide was first suspended in the position that it would eventually rest, and rock ledges were then built around it. These rock ledges were transported to the site and assembled as they are found in nature. Stone stairs lead to the entrance to the waterslide. The waterslide wraps around a jacuzzi and plunges into the swimming pool and a waterfall flows from the jacuzzi into the swimming pool as well. The waterfalls and rock work were constructed using family expertise passed down through four generations of landscape designers.

A raised stone patio provides the perfect dining area for a poolside meal. A unique diving rock is cantilevered off of the raised patio into the swimming pool. The underside of the diving rock is carved out to provide clearance between the water and the rock. On the far side is the beach entrance.

The completed project, with beach access to the swimming pool, cascading waterfalls, a waterslide winding under and above ground, the suspended diving rock, pool basketball, and a hot tub is a recreational wonderland for all ages to enjoy!